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How do you think about Digital Transformation? It’s not just about the technology you choose.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that the digital channel is rapidly becoming an integral part of people’s everyday lives and a critical aspect of business operations. For the last 18 months, digital channels have been central to how consumers research, purchase, complete tasks, and entertain themselves. It doesn’t stop there: millions of Americans […]

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Going Green, One Click at a Time

Consumers are more and more concerned about how their lifestyles contribute to producing greenhouse gases. Georgia Natural Gas created GNG’s Greener Life program to allow customers to offset their natural gas usage by buying carbon credits that fund projects like forest management and landfill gas capture in the Southeastern United States. Macquarium was asked to […]

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Accelerate Your Voice Development With Banter

Macquarium is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Banter Technology to support the development of the next generation of voice-driven experiences. The Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform allows brands to create conversational experiences that can then be deployed across multiple smart speakers, in-app voicebots and chatbots, and even IVR, allowing for a high quality conversational experiences […]

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Improving your CX with Smart Devices

At the inagural CX Talks event, Will Payman, Macquarium’s VP of Strategy, and Internet of Things (IoT) consultant Miguel Garcia delivered a presentation on how smart devices and services can be powerful tools to augment and improve your customer’s experience.   With estimates of over 50B smart devices by 2020, there will be an explosion in touch points that Customer […]

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