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5 Ways the Future of Retail is Already Here

Frustrated with your current retail customer experience? Don’t worry. It’s changing rapidly, and as consumers, we have a lot to look forward to. Imagine the day when your personal intelligent digital agents dutifully assist you in using your own Internet of Everything on your favorite interconnected devices, all synchronously interacting and faithfully catering to your […]

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What Do Hotels & Websites Have In Common?

I recently spoke at a global hotel conference about connecting physical and digital experiences for users. My colleague, Justin Reilly, started off our presentation with great information on how storytelling affects the human brain. To tie into this great introduction, I asked my audience to imagine their website as a virtual hotel. I then began […]

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Banking Unusual

Business As Usual Has Been Disrupted Time and again, customers embrace brands that go beyond selling products and services to providing meaningful utility in their lives. Consider the disruptive offerings by companies like Uber, who transformed a functional task into an effortlessly enjoyable one, changing consumer behavior seemingly overnight. Every day, we read about more […]

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