Our latest POV on how customer experience drives everything from concept and creative to design and technology

The Journey of Journeys: Moving from Mapping to Management

By Asa Sherrill and Diane Magers, CCXP Changes in the market and in the expectations, behaviors, and values of consumers continue to drive a heightened sense urgency for brands.  It requires a need for a concentrated experience focus when crafting a progressive, yet sustainable business strategy to respond to those changes. Experience management is how […]

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The Digital Transformation Opportunity: Turning Products Into Services

By Jim Bass, Director Customer Experience The term “digital transformation” has become the new popular buzzword of the 21st century. You’ve probably heard it used at your company in the context of new initiatives being launched or strategies your competition is executing to gain an advantage. Everyone is engaging digitally The advent of Smartphones and […]

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Should Everything Be Digital?

By Asa Sherrill, VP Experience Design Technology is the promise of the future, so why shouldn’t we aim to enhance everything with it? The short answer is that we likely should; however, before we do, it’s worthwhile to stop and understand exactly why (or why not) digital should be part of our solution. Experience is […]

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Using Social Signals For Search

Earn the top spot on page 1 of Google search results and you’ve got yourself a competitive advantage. The top 3 positions on page 1 of Google search results account for 54% of clicks, with a 31% click through rate for the top spot. If you’re at the top, you can be sure your competitors […]

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