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Improving your CX with Smart Devices

At the inagural CX Talks event, Will Payman, Macquarium’s VP of Strategy, and Internet of Things (IoT) consultant Miguel Garcia delivered a presentation on how smart devices and services can be powerful tools to augment and improve your customer’s experience.   With estimates of over 50B smart devices by 2020, there will be an explosion in touch points that Customer Experience professionals will have to create, manage, and optimize. This will require new thinking about the components of an experience, a potential shift from products to services, and new ways of measuring the experience. We believe that there are 3 things companies should be considering when they think about the next wave of experience building.

  1. It is not just making devices smart, it is about making people (or organizations) SMARTER, more EFFICIENT, and improving their EXPERIENCE.
  2. IoT should be looked at as a way to drive innovation and competitive advantage. 
  3. IoT is not as futuristic as you may think, IoT has already gained significant adoption especially in enterprise. After all the ingredients are already in place. Low cost sensors, ubiquitous and reliable data communications, and cloud based data and analytics platforms that can cope with enormous scale. 

To view our presentation, and a couple of example videos you can download it here. Additionally you can meet Will and Miguel at a free 2 hours workshop on October 18th, click here for details.

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