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How To Plan And Run Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

As experience strategists and designers, we are huge fans of customer journey mapping. It’s simply one of the most powerful tools a company can use to identify root causes of customer issues, uncover opportunities to delight customers, and transform how you do business. Their value and impact exponentially outweigh the cost and effort they require. […]

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No Bells About It

Design has become increasingly more complex. We’ve gone from simply worrying about what typeface to use and what grid to put it on, to thinking about how accessible our design is, how well it enhances the underpinning layer of UX, how it reduces customer effort, and how well it’s advocating a better brand. In my quest to become […]

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What Is The Value Of Customer Delight In Self-Service Experiences

(Hint: Not As Valuable As You Might Think) Find yourself in a group of customer experience (CX) professionals, and phrases like “delighting the customer” or “creating moments of wow” will pepper the discussions. You will learn that delighting your customers will result in increased loyalty, share of wallet and a positive word of mouth.  Few […]

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Moving Beyond Mobile Apps

I have a severe case of “App Fatigue.” While I enjoy discovering new mobile apps, the new app inevitably joins dozens of others languishing in trailing screens or folders. My seldom-used apps take up space on my phone and keep my wireless company happy by consuming bandwidth quota during countless app upgrades. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016 […]

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5 Techniques for Digital Product Innovation

It’s hard out there for a Product Manager. Ever-increasing customer expectations now require more frequent updates and enhancements to existing digital products. But most product teams already have a catalog of improvements they want to get to, sometimes with multiple priorities, multiple design and dev teams, and limited funding and resources. It’s hard to innovate […]

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