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Designing Cross-Cultural Digital Experiences: 2 of 6

In my last post I outlined a framework to improve cross cultural communication in the digital realm utilizing some of the concepts from the field of cultural anthropology.  In this installment, I will focus on the first construct that I discussed in my last post – cultural context. According to Edward Hall, the pioneer of this concept, […]

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Designing Cross-Cultural Digital Experiences: 3 of 6

The field of chronemics is another branch of cultural anthropology that can be applied to digital communication. It relates to the way we structure and use time. Chronemics is frequently defined as the study of the role of time in communication. As I mentioned in an earlier post, notions of time play a significant role in the […]

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Designing Cross-Cultural Digital Experiences: 1 of 6

A few decades ago Chevrolet had a much publicized failure rolling out their model the Nova in Mexico. It turned out that “no va” means “doesn’t go” in Spanish. Not really an ideal name for a car. Years later in Italy a campaign for Schweppes tonic water translated the name into Schweppes toilet water. Sales […]

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Moving Beyond Mobile Apps

I have a severe case of “App Fatigue.” While I enjoy discovering new mobile apps, the new app inevitably joins dozens of others languishing in trailing screens or folders. My seldom-used apps take up space on my phone and keep my wireless company happy by consuming bandwidth quota during countless app upgrades. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2016 […]

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