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Innovation Is Killing Your Business

It’s 1900. Hawaii becomes an official U.S. Territory, L. Frank Baum publishes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and the American automobile industry consists of 500 luxury automakers producing handmade vehicles that start at $1,500 (roughly $41K today). By 1906, the automobile industry is so unattractive that it divides a nation. “Nothing has spread socialistic feeling […]

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5 Techniques for Digital Product Innovation

It’s hard out there for a Product Manager. Ever-increasing customer expectations now require more frequent updates and enhancements to existing digital products. But most product teams already have a catalog of improvements they want to get to, sometimes with multiple priorities, multiple design and dev teams, and limited funding and resources. It’s hard to innovate […]

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Customer Journey Mapping

Because Knowing is Half the Battle In their Customer Conversation report, eConsultancy and IBM report that 81% of companies are confident they have a great CX (customer experience) and a holistic view of their customers. But customers disagree. The same report also points out that only 37% of customers feel like they are well understood. […]

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Design Thinking Is Thinking Differently

Think Different When Apple exploded onto the scene with their iconic 1984 introduction to the Macintosh, they immediately cemented their reputation as an innovation-oriented firm that breaks from the status quo—disruptive and non-conformist in every way and ready to challenge established thinking head-on. This is not your ordinary company. This is not your ordinary product. […]

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What #mobilegeddon Means for Your Business

We’ve all known this day was coming for some time now. Much like Mark Pincus returning to Zynga, tech giants gearing up to buy Twitter, and $20,000 Apple watches selling out in a matter of minutes, Google changing its search algorithm to favor mobile-optimized sites was inevitable. A much-needed shift to account for a world where 80% of all online […]

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What Huck Finn, The U.S. Army, and Your Company’s Digital Transformation May Have in Common

One of my favorite sentences is in the Introduction to Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: “When Huck opens that window to take off from home, the reader has the same thrill of anticipation one feels after hearing the first few bars of a Miles Davis solo.” —Peter Watrous, The New York Times It is a favorite […]

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