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Designing for People: User Experience, Service Design, and the NEW Customer Experience

The Trend in Needing Design Capabilities The acquisition of experience design firm Adaptive Path by Capital One created quite a stir in the design community, much like the acquisition of Fjord design by consulting firm Accenture or Deloitte’s purchase of Ubermind. But what are these acquisitions all about? Why are companies racing to embrace experience […]

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5 Ways the Future of Retail is Already Here

Frustrated with your current retail customer experience? Don’t worry. It’s changing rapidly, and as consumers, we have a lot to look forward to. Imagine the day when your personal intelligent digital agents dutifully assist you in using your own Internet of Everything on your favorite interconnected devices, all synchronously interacting and faithfully catering to your […]

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What Do Hotels & Websites Have In Common?

I recently spoke at a global hotel conference about connecting physical and digital experiences for users. My colleague, Justin Reilly, started off our presentation with great information on how storytelling affects the human brain. To tie into this great introduction, I asked my audience to imagine their website as a virtual hotel. I then began […]

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The Value of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is possibly the least understood type of primary research at most companies. In fact, most companies have never performed it before. If you grew up in the user experience or service design disciplines, you will likely be familiar with qualitative research and in-the-field ethnographic studies. Unlike quantitative statistical studies, which attempt to reach […]

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Recap: 2014 SCORE Conference

Last week, in the heart of Boston, Macquarium was honored with the opportunity to speak to the good folks of the SCORE Conference on Customer Analytics. Specifically, on how analyzing customer feedback can drive loyalty through enhancing existing products and services, as well as informing the development of new ones. We were fortunate to have […]

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