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Macquarium Hires new VP, Customer Experience – Brett Sharp (CX-PRO)

Given the increased marketplace demand from companies interested in growing their customer experience (CX) programs, Macquarium continues to grow it’s CX practice. and Cswe are delighted to welcome Brett Sharp as Macquarium’s VP, Customer Experience. Brett has 25 years of experience acting as a consultative partner to Fortune 500 companies and offers considerable CX, design thinking and digital transformation expertise. He joins Macquarium from Athena Healthcare, where he led their Customer Experience (CX) Strategy and Design initiatives. Brett has a Master of Marketing Research (MMR) from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and is a CX-PRO. Brett has been charged with leading and growing Macquarium’s CX Practice.

Building Upon our Experience Design Heritage

For almost 30 years, Macquarium has helped its clients improve and optimize their digital touchpoints. An early adopter of human-centered design, Macquarium has long focused on customer needs to craft easy to use experiences that facilitate those needs. Over the years we have also consulted with clients on building their own Experience Design capabilities.

Brett is also experienced in digital transformation and in the areas of Digital, Cloud, SaaS, Enterprise Software, eCommerce, and Healthcare Information Technology. He has broad B2C and B2B experience across numerous industries, such as Healthcare, Technology/SaaS, Financial Services, Manufacturing (both Durables and Consumer Packaged Goods), Retail/Home Improvement and Automotive. His client experience includes Pulte Homes, Bank of America, Ameriprise, Microsoft, Toyota, PepsiCo, Gap Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, International Paper and athenahealth.

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