Customer Experience

We inspire organizations to deliver on the needs and wants of their customers.

We help our clients reimagine their customer’s experience in a digital world, by removing friction from their journey, and ensuring effective value exchanges.

Customer Insights: Understanding people

Design Thinking: Imagining the possible

Service Design: Orchestrating delight

Digital Business: Becoming digital at its core

Digital Products & Services

We design and build desirable digital experiences.

We help our clients design and develop experiences that customers prefer to use.

Omnichannel Experience Strategy: Orchestrating touch points

Product Design & Strategy: Designing desirability

Prototyping & User Testing: Validating the concept

Technology Roadmapping: Building the foundation

Development & Implementation: Coding the experience

Analytics Strategy: Prioritizing what matters

Digital Marketing

We create emotional connections between customers and brands.

We help our clients maximize customer desire and loyalty.

Marketing Technology: Managing engagement

Content Strategy: Ensuring the right message

Analytics: Measuring and optimizing activity

Interested in seeing our work?

In 1996, Macquarium developed a revolutionary technology called Dynabot. By 2000, Dynabot was used by leading brands to easily adapt content for their internet/intranet websites and was awarded a prestigious place in history – a spot in the Smithsonian time capsule of innovation. 

Since then, our pioneering spirit has continued and Dynabot has evolved to take advantage of the latest technologies and industry demands. Today, Dynabot is a flexible best of breed PIM (product information management tool), providing retailers and wholesalers with a frictionless environment to enter and curate SKU content with workflow routines that guide all parties to their tasks. Dynabot helps its users on-board new suppliers rapidly, providing work flow routines that keep the focus on key tasks that need to be addressed by all parties. The end result is more accurate PIM data, happy suppliers, and increased productivity for all. Best of all, the great user experience is what you’d expect from a Macquarium-designed product.


Our process was born from the blending of numerous disciplines, and the ever-blurring lines of the digital and physical worlds.

It has been refined through years of application across numerous industries and business challenges. It is definitive, yet flexible, and can be applied as a whole or modularly as needed to solve the problem at hand. We can integrate with and enhance any design or development methodology in Agile or Waterfall shops.

Our process has been proven to successfully deliver customer experience, user experience, product design, service design, environmental design, and business transformation solutions.


We work together as a tightly integrated team, comprised of five key disciplines:

Technology Partners

We forge alliances with the latest tech partners to enhance our value. Our partners include:

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