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Accelerate Your Voice Development With Banter

Posted by Will Payman on August 8, 2019
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Macquarium is pleased to announce a new strategic alliance with Banter Technology to support the development of the next generation of voice-driven experiences. The Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform allows brands to create conversational experiences that can then be deployed across multiple smart speakers, in-app voicebots and chatbots, and even IVR, allowing for a high quality conversational experiences in all channels.

Carlos Pimenta, Macquarium CEO states, “As a digital agency that specializes in customer experience, we focus on making customers' lives easier and more enjoyable. For several task-oriented use cases, voice can be a more convenient and timely channel for customers to interact with a company. The Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform’s ability to understand multiple customer intents enables us to create better voice experiences for customers. Their platform allows us to design a conversational experience once and then deploy it across multiple devices and channels, which provides compelling value and speed to market for our clients.”

"Partnering with Macquarium brings a whole range of professional services, from customer research, business strategy, design, commerce, and advanced analytics", states Susan Hura, CEO of Banter Technology. "Macquarium's customer experience expertise makes them a perfect partner for helping clients integrate voice into their digital touch-points."

If you would like to know more about the Banter Intelligent Conversation Platform and how voice can improve your customer experience, let's start a conversation.

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