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NCR APTRA Vision UI Redesign

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The Ask

Redesign the user interface of a network management system

NCR’s APTRA Vision product is an ATM management system that helps businesses oversee their ATM networks and quickly and efficiently respond to time-sensitive issues, such as ATM network outages. NCR wanted to completely reimagine the user interface of APTRA Vision in order to maintain a competitive advantage and better serve their financial customer segments, which include:

  • Financial institution executives
  • ATM network managers
  • ATM operators
  • Network administrators

The product also needed to work across all devices to allow these customer segments the ability to access valuable insights and act upon these insights anytime, anywhere.

The Solution

Turbo-charge ATM monitoring ease of use and responsiveness

Macquarium performed contextual inquiries with key NCR stakeholders as well as APTRA Vision customers at 6 different financial institutions throughout the world to better understand their pain points and desires. This research informed the overall architecture and design of the project.

Keeping this user research at the forefront of product design, we created customizable dashboards for each customer segment. Executives who are concerned with the overall ATM network analytics can easily see snapshots of this information on their dashboard. ATM network managers who are concerned with managing the productivity of their ATM operators can easily assign and reassign tasks to their teams from their dashboard. ATM operators who are concerned with addressing and closing ATM issues quickly have a watchlist of ATMs at the forefront of their dashboards. This dashboard concept allows each customer segment to perform critical tasks quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, we greatly simplified and consolidated the way the data in the product is presented while also introducing predictive capabilities so that it is easy for users to view, and more importantly, act upon data in real-time. The new product is slated for rollout toward the end of 2015.

I really appreciate the quality of work and effort from Macquarium, and we also really enjoyed working with the team.

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