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The Ask

Deliver a consolidated and cohesive customer experience across business units

Our client’s business model focused primarily on secure document storage and destruction for global companies (files, records, and documents). A shift in customer needs to store and govern digital information in addition to paper records was an opportunity for them to reassess their digital approach to customers.

Macquarium was engaged to design a streamlined and expanded customer experience online, focusing on single sign-on as a way to unify the customer experience. The mandate was to deliver a consolidated and cohesive customer experience across business units to encourage self-service behaviors and introduce cross-sell and upsell opportunities to support evolving service offerings.

The Solution

Create business transformation by focusing on the customer

Blending User Experience, Business Strategy, and Technology Strategy, we began collaborating with the client’s global stakeholders to create a vision for the new digital experience. It soon became clear that the initial portal assignment was actually a powerful new way for customers to engage with the company, effectively transforming their business. The shift to a customer-focused approach required evolving internal views and building effective collaboration channels between once-siloed business units: changing the corporate mindset from “Transacting with our customers” to our “Customers interacting with us” – from a “Product Delivery” to a “Customer Experience” mindset – from a “Physical Warehousing and Transportation Company” to a “Digital Information Management Company.”

The integration of technology and user experience design provided solutions to known customer pain points, and also uncovered ways to create Customer Service efficiencies and even new business opportunities for the company. The effort was represented by an 18-month Customer Experience Development Roadmap, detailing major efforts like single sign-on, search, dashboard presentation, back-end integration of billing and business reporting across accounts, marketing integration, sales, and customer care.

Macquarium’s work with us is changing the way we think about Digital and about Customers. Which is what we hoped would happen through the partnership.

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