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Refining a fragmented customer experience through customer empathy


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The Ask

Understand the real issues customers have and plan how to fix them

Cummins Filtration, the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of filtration products for diesel-powered equipment, wanted to better understand why customer satisfaction and NPS scores were on the decline with key customers:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Cummins and Independent Distributors
  • Cummins and Independent Dealers

Traditional CEM and Six Sigma techniques failed to reveal the issues at the root of waning customer loyalty. The Customer Support Excellence (CSE) team realized they needed fresh ideas.

The Solution

Map the customer journey and redefine an improved customer experience

Macquarium showed the Cummins CSE and UX teams how to look under the hood with qualitative customer research and customer journey mapping.

Macquarium conducted onsite research with employees in call centers, factories, warehouses, and supply chain, as well as in-store customer research where we directly observed the entire customer experience inside and out. We then mapped out the current state customer journey from the customer point-of-view, including the customer’s emotional state along the way. Each customer map showed the pain points being created by siloed operations and exactly what needed to be fixed.

We then ran a cross-functional future state workshop series to re-envision the customer journeys and transform the way Cummins does business. With all groups represented, the team created real-world solutions for transforming business processes and improving customer centricity.

We always have an internal point of view.
You made it all about customer empathy.

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