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Gaining competitive advantage with a website grounded in mobile-first, search centric thinking.

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The Ask

Create a new mobile optimized website to better engage and convert target audiences

Georgia Natural Gas® (GNG), the retail natural gas market leader in Georgia, wanted to create a new web presence that would provide useful experiences for current and prospective customers. This site would be an opportunity to increase the brand’s relevance in search engine results and optimize their mobile presence. It would also allow a new set of brand standards and guidelines to be implemented on the site, creating greater brand consistency across marketing channels.

The Solution

Build a powerful digital experience for GNG and their customers using search first thinking and strategies

Macquarium used search data from GNG’s existing web presence to clearly identify and finely articulate the brand’s user segments during Discovery. From there, the team was able to construct a search centric strategy that emphasized user needs through every stage of the customer journey. We were also able to determine the key metrics we would use to track and measure GNG’s user segments and their activity.

Using the mobile first, search centric strategy developed in the early stages of the project, we designed and developed a set of digital properties using the latest brand standards and guidelines from GNG. The team recognized there was a search visibility opportunity for GNG with this project, and we developed an experience to drive traffic to the exact section of the site that provides the information a user is looking for via search engine. We created this experience by smartly designing the page, appropriate keyword optimization, and active monitoring of search activity to “drop” the customer into the right page with the best information directly from their Google search. For customers looking to purchase GNG’s services, this approach moves them through the customer journey funnel more efficiently than a traditional search result experience. For digitally savvy researchers, this approach allows them to find the information they need quickly and intuitively, with as little friction as possible.

The mobile first, search centric approach increases GNG’s relevancy in Google searches by moving the brand to the first page of search results and supports higher search engine visibility. The results of this approach are three-fold: increase lead generation and conversion, brand-building, and increased competitive advantage by delivering visitors the right information – FAST.

Georgia Natural Gas® and its logos are registered trademarks of SouthStar Energy Services LLC.

GNG increased in relevancy to the first page of search engine results, and was the first organic non-ad result in the first week of deploying the new site.

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