Simplify employee performance management.

Create a multi-tenant employee performance management platform.

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iMotivate redesign

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The Ask

Improve the user experience and flexibility of an employee performance management platform.

Global High Performance Solutions (GHPS) is committed to helping businesses grow, both at the individual employee level and as a greater whole. They created iMotivate, a system of three separate tools designed to allow an enterprises’ employees to track their own professional goals, performance, and progress. GHPS asked us to refresh the three tools with new brands standards and improve overall tool usability and management.

The Solution

Create a personalized, simplified, and easy to manage platform.

To guide the experience strategy of this platform build, Macquarium conducted interviews with key stakeholders and representative customers to understand the iMotivate system and concepts. Through this process we identified the most important features of the tools as well the most significant challenges. We proposed creating a backend that could combine the coding and data sets of the three original tools into one platform.

To make the platform easier to deploy and maintain for GHPS’s various clients, we created a multi-tenant software architecture that allowed a unified code base to securely serve multiple customers. Our UX, Creative and Development teams worked in tandem to create a modernized, streamlined web app, powered by a re-architected backend that creates a personalized user experience. The new platform featured an optimized dashboard and organized data cards by relevance and importance to the user and their goals. The end result was an intuitive web app that was both mobile and user friendly, and consistent with GHPS’s latest brand standards.

Clients love the new design, layout and feel of the new site.

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